Face Shoes wear your Selfie!

Scarpe con faccia ricamata

Face Shoes wear your Selfie!

Wear Your Selfie!

Take a selfie, and we do the rest!

Face Shoes are a product of Apper, an Italian shoes brand born from the creative idea by Andrea Padovan, CEO and FOUNDER of “Sartoria San Lazzaro”.
The shoes follow his philosophy, using precious fabrics, handmade in Italy.
Original embroidery, unique and creative by Lineaerre artisans specialists embroidery.
The special patented facial embroidery is the result of extensive research of techniques to make the perfect stroke on any fabric.
Thanks to their originality everyone loves the faceshoes; after the launch on social networks, many famous Italian characters and not only, contacted us to have exclusive preorder.
In 2016 we will create a website for the online customization of faceshoes, where everyone can create their own product and make it different and unique.
“Knowing how to dress is a matter of style! Others cover you … we will dress you !”

www.faceshoes.it       info@faceshoes.it

Selfie e ritratti ricamati su scarpe

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